Policies and procedures

The Students Contracts or Policies and Procedures of TJ and Friends Smith System CDL Training School-10918 Hull St Rd, Midlothian Va, 23112


TJ and Friends Smith System CDL Training School operates on five safety principles.They are:

1. We expect everyone to return home safely

2. Safety is a way of life at home and at work

3. Safety means doing the right thing even when no one is watching

4. We will learn and share knowledge to continuously improve safety

5. Being safe is a requirement for all team members I.e students and staff of the TJ and Friends Smith System CDL Training School.

Safety is ensured if we do the following:

A. Use 3 points of contacts to enter and come out of truck

B. Wear proper foot wear like good sturdy shoes or boots, with slip resistant soles and always dress for the weather before coming to school

C. Use seat belts always when you are behind the steering wheel

D. Use the 5 Seen habits when driving the tractor and trailer . The 5 Seen Habits is also known as the Smith System and it includes:

1. Aim high in Steering

2. Get the Big Picture

3. Keep your eyes moving

4. Leave yourself an out

5. Make sure they see you.

The TJ and Friends Smith System CDL Training School offer 4 to 6 weekdays and 10 to 12 weekends training to students before allowing them to take their CDL tests . School open at 08:00 hours daily. Classes are conducted Monday through Friday and also on Weekends(Saturdays and Sundays) .Weekend classes last for 10- 12 weeks plus additional 2more weeks given to students if needed , free of charge, to get extra couching and hands on training before they could take their CDL test at DMV. Classes start from 08: 15 am and ends at 5 pm. 08: 15 hours to 09:15 hours every day is reserved for PRE-TRIP INSPECTION and to Hook up the tractor and trailers. 16:00 hours to 16:45 hours , is reserved for POST TRIP INSPECTION and unhooking the trailers from the tractors . There will be 15 minutes break during classroom lectures and 15 minutes break during hands on training in the school yard. One hour Lunch break will be taken between 12 Noon to 1 pm daily. We train students for 4 to 6 weeks but Students who showed improvement in their training within 4 weeks, will be allowed to take their DMV tests if they are willing to do so. The same policy for the weekend classes I.e students are trained for 10- 12 weekends , with an additional 2 weeks given to the students free of charge for extra couching. This equals to 14 Weekends . But students who showed improvement to take their dmv tests before the 12 weekends, will be allowed to do so.

Section 2.1

Requirements for admission at the TJ and Friends Smith System CDL Training School :

1. You have to be a United States Citizen or National ( Green Card Holder ) before you can be admitted at the TJ and Friends Smith System CDL Training School for training.

2. Your car License must not be suspended and you must provide us with a copy of your current driving record from your state’s DMV I.e any of the DMV’s in all 50 states

3. The minimum age requirements for the CDL training are 18 and 21 years. If you are 18 years of age ( you must be accompanied by your parents to co- sign for you to take CDL training course at the school. After you complete the course and get your CDL, you can only drive as Intra-state or local CDL truck driver. I.e you must not cross state lines until you are 21 years of age.

4. You must pass a DOT physical including a Drug and Alcohol Screening Test, and get a valid medical card certified by a valid medical examiner in the UNITED STATES for 2 years before renewal.

5. You must have a Social Security Card or you must be employable

6. You must not have engaged in felonies or felony that involved the use of a tractor trailer, we will not train you.

7. There are companies out there that hiring felons such as Western Express and few other companies out there through a program called “ Second Chance Initiatives” . We will train you if you qualified and approved for that program especially if you are not a violent felon.

8. We will not train you if we figure out that your intention of going into the trucking industry is to transport contraband or illegal substances like drugs such as cocaine, heroin etc.

9. We will not train you if we have any evidence that you are coming into the trucking industry to promote Human Trafficking and any illegal activity.

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