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1TJ and Friends Smith System CDL Training School has been registered in the State of Virginia and with the IRS, with the aim of providing a comprehensive drivers training program in relation to the Smith System, which is the safest and best driving techniques in America, Europe, Canada and Australia. The Smith System emphasizes:

1. Aim high in steering
2. Get the Big Picture
3. Keep your eyes moving
4. Leave yourself an out and
5. Make sure they see you.



$3,600 for Class A CDL Training and $2,600 for Class B CDL student I. E $600 discount for student with LEARNER’s permit for both CLASSES A AND B CDL TRAINING


Mondays – Fridays 8am to 5pm


We train for 10-12 weekends for the same tuition fee.

Classes start at 8 am to 5 pm every day . We take one hour lunch break at 12 noon.

You don’t have to pay a retest fees to retrain you to retake the test if you fail it the first time. We will retrain you until you pass your CDL test and get your CDL.

– We can train you for your CDL LEARNER’S PERMIT
– We do job placement after you get your CDL
– We are the Best CDL Training School in USA

Come to us and you will never regret it!

All students taking the CDL course at the TJ and Friends Smith System CDL Training School will have to have their information submitted to DMV for a thorough background check before doing the Pretrip, backing and the road skills test at DMV. TJ will liase with law enforcement to make sure that the right people take the course in the school. TJ was a former police officer and a former supervisor in a bank.


TJ and Friends Smith System CDL Training School also train CDL students for their Hazmat endorsement. Requirements for Hazmat training is, you must have a CDL , pass background check , take the CDL training at the school and you must score 80% before TJ will allow you to take the hazmat test at DMV.

We have trained and tested 34 students and 32 have so far passed their CDL test at DMV.


The objectives of my company over the next 3 years are as follows:

  • Achieve sales revenue to the tune of approximately $ 3 millions by year three.
  • Expand by starting up 4 more facilities ( one in Wood Bridge – Manasas, one in New Port News, one in Harrisonburg and one in Roanoke Virginia. The successful operations in these locations will prompt the school to go to neighboring states like North Carolina, South Carolina, Maryland etc.
  • TJ and Friends Smith System CDL Training School aim at becoming the best in comprehensive CDL driver safety education program in Virginia in the short term and nation wide, in the long term.


The mission of the TJ and Friends Smith System CDL Training School is to provide the safest, high quality and comprehensive driver education program at an affordable or lowest possible cost. We are adopting those measures to build our reputation and to create greater market for our school.

Key to Success

The TJ and Friends Smith System CDL Training School’s Keys to success are innovation and quality training to it clients (the students). The owner and Director of Training at the TJ and Friends Smith System CDL Training School also known as TJ has a length of CDL training experience with students. He has invented a lot of concepts, techniques or skills to make the students better understood the CDL training course. Example TJ invented a concept called “TURN TO THE PROBLEM TO SOLVE THE BACKING PROBLEM” This concept is on YouTube and it has made backing up a Tractor Trailer very easy and simple. TJ also invented a concept on shifting gears and it is on YouTube too. This concept has made shifting gears very easy and simple. The list is endless of the inventions TJ has made to help the students achieved quality CDL education skills. Enroll to become a professional CDL driver at the TJ and Friends Smith System CDL Training School. TJ is the best training instructor in the USA and more will be hired as business progresses. TJ is also in constant contact with former CDL instructors colleagues like Keith Shelton, George, Joe etc who are considering joining the team of experienced CDL training instructors at the school.

How the School will generate revenue

The following are the ways the TJ and Friends Smith System CDL Training School will generate sales and revenue

A. Students fees – students sometimes pay their fees without taking student loans from no one.
B. Loans – there are couple of lenders out there that gives students loans such as American income Credit etc
C. The various Work Force Development Programs in all the various cities or communities also pay for students taking the CDL training course.
D. Good Will America also help students retrain to find job placement in various fields including CDL training, nursing etc.
C. Federal Government grants to CDL students aimed at putting Americans back into the work force.
E. The various Trucking companies in America also reimbursed students for loans taken to do the CDL training course. Trucking companies used students reimbursement as an incentive to make CDL graduates worked for them.

These are the various sources of revenue or support to the CDL training course program.

I hope to hear a positive response from you to help this business grow from height to height.

Thanks in anticipation of your positive response.

Master of Arts in Peace and Development Studies, BA Honors in Political Science, Over 10 years plus CDL training experience, a former Police officer-Sierra Leone Police in West Africa and a former Banking Supervisor -Bank of Sierra Leone , Freetown, Sierra Leone.


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